People buy products. They buy services, experiences, “things’.

But what they really buy is a brand.

Now, your brand isn’t your logo. It isn’t the colours you use.

It’s the way that your audience, your clients, and your future people racing to click that “Buy Now” button see you.

It’s the way you make them feel.

It’s the language you use, your approach, your ways of working, it’s what you stand for.

Your brand is the experience of what it’s like to work with you, and the customer service you provide.

Your brand is the connection to your product or service, and it’s how people feel about you when they use them.

All of which we need to convey — subtly, cleverly, impactfully — into your logo, colour palette and visual style.

This is why great branding matters.

Making sure you stand out in the marketplace comes down to communicating what makes you different.

A great visual brand can communicate that difference in moments.

Symbolism is fundamental to a brand and is inherent in most of our interactions, from the logotype and colours, to a branded environment or a digital experience. Each time someone interacts with a brand it serves as an opportunity to influence them, to trigger their emotions and influence decision making. For brands, the skill and ability to tap into this is the Holy Grail. (via Clout Branding).

The human brain processes visuals much faster than text.

When you see an image, or a collection of colours and symbols, your brilliant brain instantly accesses everything it knows about symbols, shapes, colours and what they represent, and responds with an emotion in moments.

You have been processing and making meaning of shapes, symbols and icons for a lifetime.

Some symbols have been passed down as cultural heritage, some are part of our daily lives (think about the universal visual language for shops, public spaces, and information that you have been understanding since childhood).

A brilliantly designed brand accesses all of that knowledge and inherent meaning, and uses it to immediately tell us what your business is about and how it makes us feel in seconds.

It sounds like magic, because it is. And it’s what I LOVE to do — it brings me the most immense joy creating visual languages for my clients that create an emotional response instantly.

Great brand design is about getting to the heart of what your brand does and how it makes people feel, and knowing exactly how to turn that into a collection of colours, shapes and forms.

Which is where the cash register moment comes in.

When your client encounters your brand and makes that instantaneous connection, that moment of creating meaning and evoking an emotional response — it’s also when they make a decision.

It’s when they decide to follow you and your work, to sign up to your newsletter, to turn up and engage with your socials.

When your visual brand language influences an emotional decision to say yes, you are paving the way for more sales, more clients, and more cold, hard, cash.

And as business owners? That’s a result that really makes a difference.




Queer, nonbinary, neurodiverse, poly business owner with decades of industry and activism experience — and zero filter.

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G Sabini-Roberts (they/them)

G Sabini-Roberts (they/them)

Queer, nonbinary, neurodiverse, poly business owner with decades of industry and activism experience — and zero filter.

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